How To Play

After downloading 4 Pics 1 Mix, you will be presented with 4 picture images. All of these pictures have a word that connects them. What do these pictures have in common? From the letters in your hand, you must correctly spell out the secret answer. Doing this will give you coins that can be used in the store. When you can’t figure out what the answer is to a particular level, you can use one of your boosts. Should you be without a boost, visit our site and find the answers you are looking for. It’s really that simple. Hours of fun for you and the whole family.

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4 Pics 1 Mix Answers

4 Pics 1 Mix is also called What's The Mix and we've got answers for every level. To find the level you are looking for, just use the menu to jump to the category you're on: Variety #1, Variety #2, Variety #3, Variety #4, Foods, Bands, Movies, Songs. Each category has 25 levels. Navigate to the thumbnail and we'll give you the answer to that level.